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Kombucha at Home. And then some.

Kombucha at Home. And then some.

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Introducing our latest playbook - “Kombucha at Home”. This comprehensive guide offers everything you need to know about brewing and enjoying kombucha. 15-ish years of (home and commercial) kombucha brewing experience condensed into one playbook for the forever-student of fermentation.

Also included are troubleshooting tips, things to do with your kombucha and SCOBY/Pellicle, flavouring, carbonation, health and safety tips, a couple of our favourite non-recipes, explanation of what goes on in the jar, little nuggets of interesting info, etc. Basically, a lovely kombucha-drenched slice of Kōbo’s neurodivergent brain!

This comprehensive guide is perfect for beginners and seasoned brewers alike, offering tips and tricks for brewing and enjoying your own kombucha. You have everything you need to become a kombucha pro in no time.


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