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Pick my brain! Fermentation coaching.

Pick my brain! Fermentation coaching.

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Payal has been called the Shepherd of Microbes. Apparently, she is really good at demystifying fermentation. This is a one-on-one fermentation coaching.


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What is it? 

Just like going to a therapist, but for fermentation! She is an expert hand-holder, and knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff! Talk about whatever you’re working on, or learn something completely new. And figure out your own, unique, fermentation journey.

You can hire Payal for one hour and pick on her brains all you want, but preferably stuff on fermentation.


Who is it for?

Everyone! Anyone who’s interested in fermentation! A bit too much, perhaps. Or just want to get to know microbes a bit better. Whatever you want to explore! For a full hour. 



Google Meets, video call. 


How much:

INR. 2500 + taxes

USD 31 

Euro 28


How does it work?

1. Pay for your slot by adding to cart and checking out. 

2. Once paid, you will receive a link to book a time that works for both you and Payal. 

3. You will receive a Google Calendar invite. 

4. On the day, show up as your fabulous self! 

 - fin - 




This is a digital service. Payal will not be coming to your house or restaurant! She will help you troubleshoot, learn more, give you best practices, identify mistakes and coach you to become a better fermenter. Make the most of your time with her!  




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